Our Story

 Sande Larson, Potter​

     Sande Larson’s art has always been rooted in the earth, having been raised in a family that had strong attachments to the land.  After having expressed this connection through ink-drawing, dried flower art, and nature photography, Sande began creating with clay.  Touching the clay, for her, was like touching the earth itself—like coming home. While expanding as an artist, Sande spent time learning how people in ages past expressed themselves through art. Traveling around the country, exploring the art of various cultures, Sande became interested in the pottery of Native American people, which embodied the same connection to the Earth that had inspired her.  The art of Prairie Spirit Pottery is the culmination of those influences.  The clay pieces reflect, in form, texture and color, the many faces of the earth.  Explore Sande’s art and sense the connection with the earth that each piece affords.